Swedish Artist Lars Vilks, attacked in lecture over Muhammed Cartoon

Swedish artist Lars Vilks, was attacked by Muslim students and supporters on Tuesday during a lecture at the Stockholm Uppsala University.

Video Swedish Artist Attack in Stockholm’s Uppsala University

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Vilks,who had minor injuries is said to be unfazed in his prospects of free speech and would like to give another lecture on the subject, though it will be difficult for a University to accept the artist for fear of further violence.

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks was attacked in a lecture on Tuesday. Getty Images
Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks was attacked in a lecture on Tuesday. - Image by : Getty Images

It was reported that Vilks was in shock after the attack in which his glasses were broken. Vilks was jumped by a man during his lecture in which security guards and police intervened.

The incident accelerated to the point in which police used pepper spray and batons on the attackers to stop them.

A child was also seen in video footage of the attack in which she hugs her father in fright while he shouts “allah u akbar (God is the greatest)”.

The 53-year-old artist was the target of Muslim demonstrations and hatred after the artist depicted the Muslim prophet Muhammad, as a dog in an illustration in 2007 which was printed in a magazine.

Vilks who spoke to the Associated Press said “What you get is a mob deciding what can be discussed at the university, I’m ready to go up again. This must be carried through. You cannot allow it to be stopped.”

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