This is how Princess Kate was smuggled out of the clinic

Princess Kate was released from hospital on Monday. But the 42-year-old apparently didn't want to be seen.

In mid-January, the British palace confirmed that Princess Kate would have to undergo abdominal surgery.

It was then announced that she would likely have to stay at the private London Clinic facility for 10 to 14 days to recover from the procedure. On the 13th day after the operation, there was good news for fans of the British crown: the 42-year-old was released from the hospital.

Nevertheless, Princess Kate’s hospital stay still raises questions: There is still no information about why the treatment was necessary. The departure from the London Clinic also took place secretly: there is not a photo of Kate leaving the facility.

Assistant helps with unnoticed journey home

According to “Bild”, Princess Kate was smuggled through the back entrance of the clinic. She managed to make her way home unnoticed via an inconspicuous exit on Marylebone High Street. Since the main entrance to Devonshire Place has been guarded by police since Kate’s stay, photographers’ attention was focused on these doors.

According to “Bild”, Kate’s personal assistant was also roped in for a diversionary tactic. Natasha Archer was photographed in her car outside the London Clinic on Monday morning. A van followed her, suggesting that the princess was sitting in that car. But instead of the mother of three, there were numerous flower arrangements and gifts that Kate had received during her stay in the hospital.

King Charles III A few hours later, he decided to leave the clinic another way. He walked through the front entrance with his wife, Queen Camilla, showing off to photographers and waving to waiting fans. He had to undergo surgery due to an enlarged prostate, and the procedure was said to be successful.

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