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“Transformers” Star: Shia LaBeouf and plagiarism / Breaking News


As an actor Shia LaBeouf has made some achievements, soon he will be seen in Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’. But as a filmmaker had the 27-year-old now admit contrite to have plagiarized “a terrible mistake”.

Shia LaBeouf has apparently operated brazenly. The 27-year-old admitted to have cribbed at work for a short film. “In my excitement and naivety as an amateur filmmaker I am in the creative process wrong track,” wrote Hollywood actor LaBeouf on Twitter, “and I had failed properly to ask for permission.”

The short film titled “Howard” has been added on Monday, but now no longer available. This work is about an online movie critic, as well as a comic artist Daniel Clowes from the year 2007.
Clowes’ publisher Eric Reynolds responded in astonishment LaBeouf short film. “He has changed the name of the protagonist, but the comic used as a script and storyboard,” Reynolds said.

On Twitter itself now LaBeouf was contrite. He confessed to have used the book as a template and apologized. “I’ve messed it up,” LaBeouf wrote. “It was a mistake, a terrible mistake.” Whether he faces legal trouble, is still unclear.

The actor is best known for films such as “Transformers” and “Indiana Jones”. Last year, however, he was declared no longer be available for Hollywood blockbusters available because there “is not a place for Visionary” is.


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