Turkish club Besiktas burned Cameroonian international player Dany Nounkeu’s belongings / Football Breaking News


A Turkey sports newspaper claimed Cameroonian international Dany Nounkeu’s who expelled from Besiktas the belongings. that was burned in the camp bulding !

Besiktas on loan from Galatasaray until the end of the season as Dany Nounkeu, was left out of the squad in recent days. Dany Nounkeu  cant take his salary to mention that the Cameroonian players on Besiktas adventure was finished before the end of the season. Today, partially validating the developments added new links to the topic. Dany’sBesiktas’s belongings had been burned pretty big head can get into trouble.

The Directorate of Besiktas football has just announced that the on loan Galatasaray defender Dany Nounkeu was suspended. The notice states: “Because of the wrongdoing of our professional football player Dany Nounkeu he is suspended indefinitely. His behavior has caused the collective damage to our team. ”

Was unable to verify their status. Cameroonian player can not get salary for four months except January and wants the team to the accumulated amount was specified to be from. Black and white team came to bed since the salary account of the Dany’n impulsive and Besiktas management is aware of the issue were expressed to apologize.

Besiktas chairman Fikret Orman  “I should  broke his nose and mouth after ı gotta send him back,” he said for Nounkeu.

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