President of Turkish Football Federation criticizes FIFA

After having invalidated the exam for footballer’s agents, head of Turkish Football Federation, President Mahmut Ozgener, holds FIFA responsible.

Mahmut Ozgener claimed in a television interview with NtvSpor, that the federation will file a criminal complaint on the issue regarding the theft of the questions and the cheating attempt.

Ozgener stated, of the 20 questions asked in the exam, 5 were prepared by their federation, the rest 15 were sent out by FIFA to Turkey, along with nearly 200 countries, where the exam should take place.

He added ” After having carefully investigated all of the individual question booklets of candidates, we saw that the suspicion lay heavily on the questions prepared and sent out by the FIFA. At first we didn’t go public and we shared our concerns with FIFA. Then we have decided to invalidate the exam, what the FIFA also approved. Currentlt we work on the criminal complaint, we would like to file.

President Ozgener: I don’t approve the format of the exam

The suspected candidates answered all of the 15 questions, sent out from the FIFA similarly and especially the similarities on the wrong anwers assured us, that there is a serious cheating attempt, which lead us to the fact, the questions were somehow acquired by the suspectees, before they were sent out by FIFA.

The exam will be repeated in 4 months, and Mahmut Ozgener confirmed his doubts on the distrubition methode of the questions:

” This methode contains great risks of  important information being leaked.”

About the candidates, who were succesful in the exam, by answering 17 or more questions correctly, no comments were made.

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