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Ukraine:Russia taunted the transitional government in Kiev / Breaking News

Dmitry Medvedev

The Kremlin mixes with clear terms in the power struggle in Ukraine. The new leadership holds Russian Prime Minister Medvedev illegitimate: men with black masks and guns they could hardly be described as government.

The fact that the Russian leadership is unenthusiastic from the change of power in Ukraine, is known. Nevertheless, the words of Dmitry Medvedev are surprisingly clear. He speaks of the new government in Kiev simply from the legitimation. “There is no one with which we can talk there,” said the Russian prime minister.

Ready Medvedev was so but not yet. “If people who stroll in black masks and with Kalashnikov assault rifles through Kiev, call the government, then the work will be very difficult with such a cabinet,” said the head of government in Sochi on Monday to Interfax news agency.

In power currently are no serious interlocutor, but weapon wielding perpetrators of violence in Kiev. The less understanding brings Medvedev for talks if other countries: “Some of our Western partners they deem legitimate I do not know what constitution they have read, but it seems to me as an aberration to keep legitimate what is in fact the result. an armed revolt. ”

Russia had repeatedly a “coup d’etat” in Ukraine criticized, warned against a takeover by extremists and right-wing radicals in Kiev – and summoned its ambassador for consultations on the eve from Kiev to Moscow. “There is a real danger to our interests as well as the life and health of our people,” Medvedev said. His government had ousted President Viktor Yanukovych supported.

This had been declared on the weekend of Parliament deposed after a part of the ruling party had defected to the opposition. However, the President refused his hand to accept the decision, which he described as “unlawful” and as a “coup d’etat”. Several regions in the east and south of the country introduced the parliamentary decision in question. On Monday, the interim government issued an arrest warrant against Yanukovych in Kiev because of “mass murder of peaceful civilians.” The politician is volatile.

Ukraine Power Struggle:Russian gas deliveries will initially continue

For all the criticism emphasized Prime Minister Medvedev, the legally binding agreements with Ukraine remained. The same applies to the agreement on gas deliveries for which there are fixed deadlines. “But what happened after that is a matter for discussion with the leadership of Ukrainian companies as well as with the Ukrainian government, if it exists at some point,” Medvedev said. The acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Eduard Stawytski, has stated that he hoped that the price of Russian gas to remain stable.

Russia had pledged billions in aid Yanukovych. Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin made ​​the payment but given the revolutionary upheavals in danger of being bankrupt neighbor put on ice.

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