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UN Warns: Climate Change will Affect World Stability

Climate Change can be doom of the World
Climate Change can be doom of the World

Climate change could cause an abrupt shock in all countries, which would have profound global implications for stability and security, a high-ranking UN official warned.

The executive director of the UN Environmental Program, Achim Steiner, informed the UN Security Council that natural resources are increasingly threatened by climate change.

Steiner also warned that there is certainty of that climate change could potentially have long-term consequences for worldwide stability and security in economic, social and environmental aspects.

Climate Change can be doom of the World

Climate change also could “drastically” raise the number of displaced people in different parts of the world, and trigger waves of massive migration he stated.

Competition for scarce water or earth, aggravated by regional changes in climate, is already a key factor in conflicts at the local level. In the not so distant future with affects of climate change those conflicts can turn into wars.


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