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Kate Upton, Sofia Vergara top ‘most desirable’ list with votes from probably undesired men

 Sofia Vergara most desirable woman of Planet Earth
Sofia Vergara most desirable woman of Planet Earth

Sofia Vergara tops’s 2012 list of most desirable women followed closely by Kate Upton. Rooney Mara
is ranked third in the most desired chicks list.

Looking at the world’s most beautiful women, from actresses to musicians to models, wanted its users to consider one thing above all else: Would you date them? then invite them for hot coffee?

The traditional list of the “Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2012”, based on the results of polling both horny readers and money greedy office staff. While it’s not as easy to qualify a woman you’ve only seen on TV as a potential girlfriend, the list isn’t just made up of gorgeous big titted, long legged and hot hips models. Brains matter too.

Most desirable women of 2012 : Which one is your desire ?

“Looks are obviously a big one for guys — there’s no question about that — but other factors are where a woman is in life, the kind of career she’s in and the success or ambition that reflects. Sincerity and loyalty, all of those values that guys appreciate. bla bla bla…

Sofia Vergara who’s most recent gig is ”Modern Family’s” ( a hillarious show btw) is the sexiest munchable female in the planet who is desired by most of the readers. She nabbed the top honors and, at age 39, holds the honor of being the most senior No. 1 at that list”.

While hot defilable models as -Quagmire from Family man woul say- have their fair share of representation on the list, a few surprises also sneaked into the top numbers.

Kate Upton, Rooney Mara, Miranda Kerr, Nicki Minaj, Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Candice Swanepoel made up the rest of the top 10.

While Victoria’s Secret models are enjoying more visibility these days because of increased TV specials, they’re at the same level of supermodels from the ’80s and ’90s, like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.

Noticeably absent were Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. That doesn’t mean if one of these two would appear at the door of the voters at midnight and asked ‘ I’am scared and hungry would you like to warm and feed me? ‘, the voter would say’ sorry not on the list and slam the door against their faces.

It is believed men are “fatigued” by the two actresses. Jolie’s private, reserved life makes her too much of a mystery without allowing insight into her personality, while Aniston has never performed well on the list as well in most of her crappy movies.

A non talent person like Kardashian, whose job and career defination is still a mystery to the world is on the top ten of the list thanks to her hot ass.

Hot models, sexy actresses, dumb bimbos, jobless celebrities, dark meat, white meat, brainy ones : Here is the most desirable women of 2012

Newcomers like Lana Del Ray, Emilia Clarke, Adele, Kreayshawn, and Paz de la Huerta edged standbys from past years aside. Kristen Wiig outranked Tina Fey at No. 36, while Fey dropped to No. 97. Former child stars are also being perceived as the mature young women they’ve grown into, like Selena Gomez and Emma Watson, ranked respectively at Nos. 14 and 17 a satiricai salute to their respective ages.

Kate Middleton, making the list at No. 11, beat her sister, Pippa, by a long shot. Well many dream of defiling a princess during intercourse. The younger sibling barely made the list at No. 98, but that does not mean she is the dream toy for men.

The most desired women voting, which began in October, lasted just over six weeks, with an initial pool of 170 candidates.

Most desired women list

1. Sofia Vergara
2. Kate Upton
3. Rooney Mara
4. Miranda Kerr
5. Nicki Minaj
6. Emma Stone
7. Scarlett Johansson
8. Kim Kardashian
9. Rihanna
10. Candice Swanepoel

11. Kate Middleton
12. Zooey Deschanel
13. Mila Kunis
14. Selena Gomez
15. Daisy Lowe
16. Katy Perry
17. Emma Watson
18. Lady Gaga
19. Lea Michele
20. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

21. Natalie Portman
22. Kate Beckinsale
23. Olivia Wilde
24. Jessica Alba
25. Emmanuelle Chriqui
26. Mina Kelly
27. Kristen Stewart
28. Dianna Agron
29. Hayley Atwell
30. Kat Dennings

31. Lara Stone
32. Blake Lively
33. Brooklyn Decker
34. Jessica Gomes
35. Amber Heard
36. Kristen Wiig
37. Anne Hathaway
38. Sara Jane Underwood
39. Beyonce
40. Brittney Palmer

41. Amanda Seyfried
42. Alyson Hannigan
43. Liu Wen
44. Krysten Ritter
45. Stacy Keibler
46. Nicole Scherzinger
47. Jennifer Lawrence
48. Candace Bailey
49. Penelope Cruz
50. Carey Mulligan

51. Bar Refaeli
52. Jordana Brewster
53. Gisele Bundchen
54. Eva Mendes
55. Christina Ricci
56. Marisa Miller
57. Georgia Jagger
58. Freida Pinto
59. Anais Mali
60. Taylor Swift

61. Tamara Ecclestone
62. The Daily Girls
63. Michelle Williams
64. Leryn Franco
65. Olivia Munn
66. Aubrey Plaza
67. Irina Shayk
68. Arianny Celeste
69. Cheryl Cole
70. Priyanka Chopra

71. Adriana Lima
72. Chanel Iman
73. Lily Aldridge
74. Kreayshawn
75. Olga Fonda
76. Kate Moss
77. Zoe Kravitz
78. Rose Byrne
79. Caroline Wozniacki
80. Demi Moore

81. Elsa Pataky
82. Sunny Leone
83. Zoe Saldana
84. Camilla Belle
85. Maria Menounos
86. Jessica Chastain
87. Madalina Ghenea
88. Emilia Clarke
89. Lake Bell
90. Berenice Marlohe

91. Alessandra Ambrosio
92. Adele
93. Jennifer Lopez
94. Elizabeth Olsen
95. Lana Del Rey
96. Megan Fox
97. Tina Fey
98. Pippa Middleton
99. Paz De La Huerta

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