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US offers Russia a prisoner swap

The US has offered Russia a prisoner swap.

Washington wants basketball player Griner and ex-soldier Whelan released. Foreign Minister Blinken will speak to his counterpart Lavrov. / US offers Russia a prisoner swap

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken declined to divulge any details. Just this much: The US had made a substantial offer to Russia to bring home two imprisoned US citizens, basketball star Britney Griner and former soldier Paul Whelan.

Blinken wants to talk to his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in the coming days and urge him to accept the offer. The two governments spoke repeatedly and directly about the proposal, Blinken said at a press conference.

The television station CNN claims to know more. According to his information, the two Americans are to be exchanged for the Russian arms dealer Viktor But. He is serving his sentence in an American prison.

Two-time Olympic champion Griner was arrested at the Moscow airport in February because she had cannabis products in her luggage. She basically confirmed this in her trial. She faces a long prison sentence.

Paul Whelan, a former Marine, was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2020 for alleged spying. He denies the allegations and says he was framed.

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