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US Woman Murder Turkey:He is Sarai Sierra murder suspect! / Video

Laz Ziya suspect in the murder of Sarai Sierra came before the cameras at the same place.

The investigation into who killed the Staten Island mother vacationing in Istanbul, Sarai Sierra, is focused on a homeless man who was seen in the seedy neighborhood of the city where her body was found, news reports said.

Turkish police are hunting down the person who killed Sierra with a blow to the head and left her to die, near the ancient part of the city’s walls. Thus far, the only suspect remains a paper collector known as ” Laz Ziya” according to the Staten Island Advance. New surveillance footage also has surfaced showing Sierra while in the city.

Witnesses allegedly told police that Z hasn’t been seen since he was covered in dirt on Jan. 21- the day the 33-year-old was supposed to fly home to her husband and her two children in Staten Island. Sierra’s body was found 12 days later on Feb. 2, close to where Laz  Ziya  had loitered

Unnamed officials have now speculated that Sierra was killed after resisting an attempted robbery. Police collected DNA samples from 53 people since her murder two weeks ago.

Laz Ziya suspect of the Sarai Sierra Murder video

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