Camila Cabello feels “lonely and small” after breakup

The separation still seems to be affecting her. Camila Cabello (26) went through life with Shawn Mendes (25) for a few years.

The two musicians were considered a dream couple until they announced their separation together in 2021. Since then, the Cuban-born woman has been considered single. But as she admits, Camila still struggles with the breakup here and there.

In a new interview with Puss Puss Magazine, the “Havana” interpreter admits that she felt “pretty confused” after a breakup.

She won’t reveal what love ending she means by that, but it appears to be it about the breakup with Shawn. “I really felt like I was in love with this person.

“Now I feel kind of lonely and small and strange,” Camila admits honestly. At the same time, she also feels strong in other areas of her life.

After their separation in 2021, Camila and Shawn suddenly got together again last summer: at the Coachella festival they flirted heavily and even smooched! Two months later, it was Camila who ended the summer romance again.


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