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Fighting near Donetsk: Ukrainian separatists kill eight soldiers / Breaking News


When fighting with pro-Russian units near Donetsk, the Ukrainian army has suffered heavy losses, eight soldiers were killed and 17 were injured. According to NATO Russia withdraws its troops from the border possibly from.

A few days before the Ukrainian presidential elections are in two attacks by separatists in eastern Ukraine eight soldiers were killed and 17 injured. This was announced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The AP news agency reports even eleven deaths. However, it is not known whether it is all soldiers.

The clashes had occurred on the night of Thursday at the city Wolnowaha, about 60 kilometers south of the industrial city of Donetsk. The city is located in eastern Ukraine and is controlled by separatists, who have there own proclaimed the People’s Republic. Also in the neighboring Luhansk region, it should have come to battles between Ukrainian security forces and rebels.

Relaxation indicated, meanwhile, at the border with Russia. “We see limited activity of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. Signify the MIGHT be ready to withdraw some of these forces,” wrote NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Twitter. But you also see more Russian military exercises near the border.

Fighting near Donetsk:Rulers in Lugansk call martial law

Pro-Russian separatists want to prevent the presidential election on Sunday in the eastern parts of the country and seek a separation from the Ukraine. The Kiev government, in turn, uses the military to regain control of the area.

Whether there were casualties among the fighters loyal to Moscow, was initially unclear. The pro-Western government is going on in the region as an “anti-terrorism operation” against separatist. Kiev has lost control of large parts of the territories Donetsk and Luhansk and already acknowledged that the presidential election this Sunday can not take place there.

The authorities in the self-proclaimed “People’s Republic of Luhansk” proclaimed martial law. This applies until the pro-Western leadership will withdraw its troops from the region on the Russian border, announced a spokesman.

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