France police accused of infiltrating protests against pension

Paris, Oct 29 (Prensa Latina) A video circulated on the Internet and television in France alleges that undercover police agents were sent to infiltrate and sabotage demonstrations against the pension reform.

The three-minutes video shows hooded men breaking a window and then attacking an elderly man after he scolds them.

The unions confirmed that none of the hooded men who appear in the video belong to their ranks, and opinion polls showed that over 60 percent of the French people believe it was a police infiltration.

The police and the Interior Ministry reacted with outrage at the accusation.

But the issue grew like a snowball and became notorious in Thursday’s marches in the main French cities.

Labor unions conceded that lower participation was foreseeable in the middle of school holidays, but said they were satisfied with the turnout of nearly two million.

Another protest is planned for November 6, also in opposition to the raising of the retirement age from 60 to 62.

The president of the Left Party (PG), Jean Luc Melenchon, and the Secretary General of the CGT labor federation, Bernard Thibault, harshly criticized the government and police for aggravating the strikes.

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