Cathy Hummels posts family photos with her grandma

On Instagram, Cathy Hummels mainly shows photos of herself. Now, for a change, she shared photos with her family again.

As a woman at the side of footballer Mats Hummels, Cathy Hummels became known to a wide audience. The two met in 2007 and were married from 2015 to 2022.

She built her own career as a presenter around ten years ago and is also successful as an influencer on Instagram. There she lets her followers participate in her life – and is now very private.

On her profile, Cathy Hummels published a series of photos showing her with her family. She seems to have had a pretty good time at a bar with her parents, siblings, grandmother and other family members. The reason for the meeting was probably a very special one: your grandmother turned 88 years old. You can see the photos by right-clicking on the Instagram post.

In the caption of the picture, Cathy Hummels addressed kind words to her grandmother, who is wearing a bucket hat from the luxury brand Chanel in the photos. “88 never looked better and more like Chanel. Grandma looks great in this hat and she should be the new face of the campaign for Chanel with the motto ‘The older you get, the more beautiful you become,'” she wrote.

“Everything has to go public”

Cathy Hummels received a lot of encouragement from her community for the private insight into her family life. “How nice that you and your family are so close” or “Love and many beautiful moments with your grandmother”, the fans congratulated in the comment column.

Cathy Hummels also received criticism for publishing photos of her grandmother on the Internet. “Everything, absolutely everything has to be in the public eye. Foreign shame,” wrote one user, for example. “I can only hope that the grandma knows that her personal birthday photos will be shared with 700,000 followers and that she gave her permission,” said another.


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