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Bahraini woman continues hunger strike even at the cost of her own life!

After her father, a well-known human rights activist, being seized by masked soldiers, beaten unconscious and then taken into custody, a Bahraini woman has told to an english newspaper that she is willing and ready to die on hunger strike unless he is released from Bahranian prison.

Zainab al-Khawaja, 27, entered her fourth day without food inprotest at the violent arrest and following disappearance of Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, 50, along with her husband and brother-in-law. The three arestees are known for their dissenting opinions on the ruling government in Bahrain.

Zainab, now in exile in Denmark, is taking only water, although she is breast-feeding her 18-month-old child, which causes her strength being sapped faster than she had expected. She says she will leave her with family members if she dies.

A group of a dozen masked and heavily armed soldiers from Bahrain’s special forces, stormed her apartment in Manama, capital of Bahrain in the early morning hours at Saturday. Her father had previously called for Bahrain’s king to face trial for murder, kidnappa-ing, torture and corruption.

“I am willing to go all the way,” she stated. “Either they come out or I will not eat.”

Asked if she was ready and willing to die in the cause she replied. “Yes. It is difficult with a child but I am willing to make that sacrifice. My daughter has great aunts and grandmothers who will look after her if anything happens to me … We have the feeling that sacrifices are necessary to bring changes to our country, but what is making it harder is the way the world is reacting. Still the US administration is standing with the dictator here.”

Amnesty International estimates the government is holding more than 400 activists and demonstrators over protests that began nearly 2 months ago. The Bahrain Centre for Human Rights said the number is more likely over 600.

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2 Comment

  1. Your hunger strike could have been just if it was Legitimate. Going for strike for an illegal demand cannot justify the claim.

    Al Khawaja enjoyed freedom, that was the very reason he said whatever he thought as factual. If he was right no one could have stopped him whatsoever.

    Freedom and Democracy prevails you have taken this step, otherwise the entire family would have gone as whereabouts !! Remember, those who do injustice to others inflicts same upon themselves, as this is the Law of Nature ! What goes around…..comes around.

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