Charlène and Albert surprise with turtle appearance

Princess Charlène is taking appointments more and more frequently. / Charlène and Albert surprise with turtle appearance

In her latest appearance, she is unusually intimate with her husband Albert. / Charlène and Albert surprise with turtle appearance

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlène were separated for months. He sat with the children in Monaco, she with a serious ear, nose and throat infection in South Africa. Then the 44-year-old went to a clinic in Switzerland.

The former swimmer is now healthy and reunited with her family. At the end of April, she appeared officially in public for the first time. You can see photos of her performance here. Step by step she fought her way back to her old life. With success.

Albert II and Charlène unusually intimate

Monaco’s Charlene is back in the spotlight with increasing frequency. Now she appeared together with her husband, Prince Albert II, at the laying of the foundation stone of an animal shelter in France. The Fürstenhof shared several pictures on Instagram that should surprise many fans.

Because at the official date, the two royals are unusually intimate. For example, one picture shows Albert II tenderly kissing his wife on the cheek. In another snapshot, Charlène and Albert are standing next to each other, holding hands tightly. You can see the pictures by right-clicking on the post.

In the past year and a half there has been speculation that the marriage of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlène is over after ten years. With these pictures, however, they prove their fans wrong.

The palace wrote about the snapshots that the animal shelter in the city of Peille should be completed by the end of 2023 and will then take in animals in need. The project is an affair of the heart for Charlène in particular. As part of her foundation “Fondation Princesse Charlène de Monaco”, the princess has been campaigning for the protection of wild animals for years.

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